Special Ongoing Issue
Pictures from the East
by Herman Brown


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Comment: I had recently received some mushroom pictures and a note from Andy Neice, asking me for the possible ID of the mushrooms.  I had to get help on the ID, but after getting Andy's offer to send more pictures as he found them on his rides, I decided to make a page just for some of the pictures taken from the area.  John Plischke III had sent me some of his colorful pictures years ago, so I began the page with those.

 - Herman Brown, 8/17/2003

This page will be updated as I receive more pictures.  Enjoy!

Waxy caps
Waxy caps, from John Plischke III, Pittsburgh, PA

Ganoderma lucidum
Ling Chih (Ganoderma lucidum)
 from John Plischke III

Polyporus squamosus
Dryad's Saddle (Polyporus squamosus)
 from John Plischke III

Hygrophorus miniata
Hygrophorus miniata from John Plischke III

Stobilomyces floccopus
A young Old Man of the Woods 
(Stobilomyces floccopus) from John Plischke III

Laetiporus cincinnatus
Laetiporus cincinnatus, from Andy Neice, found by the side of the road in Giles County, Virginia.

Note from John Plischke III: "...Some older books will call it Laetiporus sulphureus var. alba.  Every time I find one of them, they are always growing in a rosette.  The pores are often whitish-looking but never yellow.   I have eaten it many times here in Pennsylvania."

Laetiporus cincinnatus, from Karen, NJ
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Hi: I found this mushroom next to my driveway after an unusually wet month of June. I live in southern New Jersey. It looks to similar to the Laetiporus cincinnatus that was pictured on your web site. We've got several was wondering if you could positively identify it for me. We've got several different mushrooms popping up all over the yard, which is quite woodsy.

Dorchester, NJ

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