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Pictures from the East Coast

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The following 7 pictures were taken by Christopher Allan, Canopy Media,  http://www.criticalimaging.com/fungi/, while on a foray led by Larry Stickney on his visit to Boston, MA.
Larry S. and Larry Millman provided the species names.

Ganoderma tsugae
  "...small, old, and somewhat shriveled Ganoderma tsugae" - Larry Stickney

Cordyceps omphioglossoides
."...two pictures of a Cordyceps omphioglossoides, one as it appears above ground, and the other showing the Tuber, an Elaphomyces, from which it sprouts" - Larry Stickney

"...its golden yellow mycelia typically are attached to the Elaphomyces truffle in a sort of stranglehold." - Larry Millman

Elaphomyces truffle
Grifola frondosa
Hen of the Woods 
Grifola frondosa (approximately 40 lbs!)
Lycogala epidendrum
Wolf's Milk slime mold
Lycogala epidendrum

Pholiota squamosa
Pholiota squamosa
Polyporus brumalis
"...a young, hairy specimen of Polyporus brumalis -- very unusual to find them so small." - Larry Millman

Honey Mushrooms
Honey Mushrooms, from Claus Holzapfel
Picture taken in the Holyoke Range, Western Massachusetts

Sulphur Shelf
Sulphur Shelf find, from Paula Reynolds (Rollin Reynolds at watch)
Picture taken in the woods near their home in New Hampshire, September 9, 2005

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